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ElasticHosts Ltd
Bldg. 3, 566 Chiswick High Road
W4 5YA London
United Kingdom

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ElasticHosts provides ultra-flexible and easy-to-use cloud server capacity for scalable web hosting and on-demand burst computing such as batch processing, development & test, backup & disaster recovery and cloud bursting. ElasticHosts offers competitive pricing for both subscription and burst use, outstanding performance for any PC operating system, fully flexible sizing, nine independent data centres covering Europe, North America and Asia, and a 100% SLA with 100x credits for downtime.

Our service is self-managed and our customers have the freedom to run the OS and applications of their choice, as well as having free choice of CPU and RAM allocation. Our pricing starts from 30 GBP (45 USD) per month and you can choose to pay by monthly subscription or just pay for what you use on our hourly burst scheme. More information is available on our website here:

The best way to get to know our system is to sign up for a free trial here:
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