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Dynamic Data Centre (DDC) is TelecityGroup's Infrastructure-as-a-Service offering - one of the key elements of cloud computing.
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Through DDC, we are able to provide you with a dynamic, fully virtualised IT infrastructure environment that you can scale up and down easily, and only charge you for as much as you need.Much more than just a virtualised server over the Internet, DDC provides enterprise-class processing power, memory resource, storage space and networking in TelecityGroup?s highly-connected, state-of-the-art data centres, together with private virtualised firewalls.

Key benefits:
- Flexible: We offer short contract terms for maximum flexibility. Adding additional IT resources is straightforward and you can cross-connect into the DDC from a colocation environment in any of TelecityGroup?s data centres.
- Scalable and efficient: DDC is a highly cost-effective solution: with minimum outlay required, you only pay for what you need. Our dynamic virtual environment means that you are able to scale quickly and easily over your committed resource level, accessing additional virtualised IT resources temporarily to meet your increased demands. You can also increase your committed resource level at any time.
- Comprehensive user portal: A customer web portal provides the main interface to the DDC virtual infrastructure. It allows you to start or suspend a Virtual Machine (VM), resize VM resources, view VM resource allocation and monitor trends in CPU, memory, disk and network usage.
- Enterprise-grade platform: As an infrastructure specialist, we use enterprise-grade equipment throughout. Everything is designed to be highly available, including the storage, server, power and network, with no single points of failure.
- Secure: TelecityGroup takes security extremely seriously: all internal customer communications are protected by virtual firewalls providing perimeter security and multi-tier traffic segregation. Combined with the enhanced security features in VMware vSphere, this ensures customer isolation and peace of mind.
- Reliable: In addition to providing a highly secure environment, the VMware vSphere virtualisation platform is also designed to be extremely reliable. For example, the built in high-availability features ensure all VMs on a failed physical server migrate seamlessly onto spare physical resources.
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