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creek data services

Public Cloud in Dubai
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Creek Data Services
International Media Production Zone
392854 Dubai

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Up in minutes, low or no commitments, hands down the best price in the region for computing, storage and IP connectivity.

Get our cloud instances, from 1GB to 60GB or RAM, in different configurations, optimized for general work loads, I/O intensive and CPU/RAM intense processing.

Use scalable storage for all cloud instances, high speed disk SSD for I/O hungry databases, snapshots and network backups on redundant storage servers.

Access excellent pay-by-use burstable internet connectivity, guaranteed by IP transport agreements with major carriers. Careful routing policies ensure your content and critical data is accessible globally with the lowest latency. The optional full DDOS protection has your inbound and outbound traffic permanently analyzed and scrubbed when necessary.

Rest assure by using our technical support: all services are covered by free standard support, full managed support and professional services are available on demand.
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