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Colt Cloud infrastructure - A flexible, cloud-based computing environment that's under your control
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Bare Metal Servers
Public Cloud
Managed Services

Colt's Cloud Infrastructure Service puts you in control of a flexible computing environment that's hosted in a secure Colt data centre and provided on a subscription basis.

A self-service portal lets you quickly create physical and virtual servers and manage them in line with business needs. Once provisioned, a server is ready for use as though it were in your own data centre.

The Cloud Infrastructure Service is ideal for both test-and-development and production environments. You can use it, for example, to develop a new application, assess moving an application into a cloud environment, or test a new operating system. And once testing and development are complete, you can smoothly transition to a production environment.

For a production environment, you may prefer us to manage your Cloud Infrastructure Service for you, so that we take care of the server provisioning, software monitoring and patch management on your behalf.

Subscription-based service

When you subscribe to the service, we reserve an agreed minimum amount of compute resources and make them permanently available for your use. You also subscribe to an overall upper limit that you pay for only if you use it.

We'll help you work out the size and quantity of virtual and physical servers you'll need, and set up templates for them on the self-service portal to accelerate provisioning.

- VMware
OS Support
- Windows
- Linux
- Custom Image
Cloud Platform
- VMware vCloud
Public Cloud Features
- High Availability
- API Access
- Integrated Firewall
- Integrated Load Balancer
- Integrated Backup
- Management available
- No compliance data.