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Please see below for details about the cloud offerings from CloudSigma:
  • Data center locations (15):
    • Boden, Sweden
    • Dublin, Ireland
    • Frankfurt, Germany
    • Geneva, Switzerland
    • London, United Kingdom
    • Zürich, Switzerland
    • Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
    • San Jose, California, USA
    • Washington D.C., District of Columbia, USA
    • Clark, Philippines
    • Manila, Philippines
    • Perth, Australia
    • Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
    • Tokyo, Japan

  • Details:
    • Cloud platform: Custom
    • Hypervisor: KVM
    • Storage type: Local disk storage
    • Minimum period: 5 minutes
    • Purchasing model: Server, storage and bandwidth purchased separately
    • Phone support: No
    • Online pricing & immediate signup: Yes
    • Free trial: Yes

  • Features:
    • High Availability: Yes
    • Scalable instances: Yes
    • Guaranteed CPU minimum: Yes
    • SAS70 audit: No

  • Extra functionality:
    • Integrated backup/snapshot: Yes
    • Integrated load balancing: Yes
    • Integrated firewall: Yes
    • API: Yes

  • Operative systems:
    • Windows support: Yes
    • Linux support: Yes
    • Custom OS support: Yes
In addition to cloud servers, CDN (Content Delivery Network) services are also offered. To read more about the cloud servers from CloudSigma, please visit their website or check out the other tabs on this page.
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