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Cloud Acropolis, Your True Omani Cloud Partner
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Cloud Acropolis
building 190, way 240, North Al Ghubra
130 Muscat
Choose State, Oman

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If you are looking to make a proper use of the IT in a OPEX manner, and use only what you need,then Virtual Machine services are the right products from you. Our bare metal layer is based on HP Proliant servers which have 99.9999% availability at hardware level. We are also using HP storage system in a SAN environment to ensure speed and same level of availability.As for the virtualization technology, we are using KVM, a robust and proven hypervisor. This is used for most of our VMs. We are also in process of creating an Azure Stack environment for pure MS Windows lovers. We have stored Windows and Linux images with 1, 2 and 4 VCPU.
Our Cloud Servers are configurable in all terms. you can have up to 12 CPUs with 48 GB of ram
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