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Bison Cloud Slider - the flexibel cloud
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Bison IT Services AG
Allee 1a
6210 Sursee
Lucerne, Switzerland

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Bison Cloud Slider

The Bison Cloud Slider is unique. It enables the automatic deployment of a complete IT infrastructure (server, storage and clients) across clouds - from the local installation in your company to a private cloud in Bison's Swiss data centre to public clouds. And what's more, you can redeploy or decommission any time.

We give you horizontal flexibility. You decide where your data are stored and where your applications should run:

Locally at your premises?
In Bison's Swiss data centres?
Or at providers like Amazon or Rackspace?
Or a combination of those options?

Bison's Cloud Slider lets you distribute the functions in accordance with your specifications and ensures that they interact correctly. That gives you an optimised relationship between costs, performance, availability, location and security. And if your needs change, then you simply change the specifications for the Bison Cloud Slider. You can shift portions to our data centres or public clouds at any time.

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