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Baltneta provides cloud computing solutions based on VMware vCloud virtualization technologies.
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Baltnetos komunikacijos, UAB
Paneriu str. 26
03209 Vilnius

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Balneta cloud services are proper solution for business if it wants to be free from such worries as hardware acquisition, complex resource development and untapped resource potential. This means that resources can be easily expanded or reduced. Processors, memory, software, firewalls and other resources can be changed immediately in response to changing business needs.

The main Baltneta cloud services' benefits to the customer are:
- Ability to control and reduce expenditure on permanent IT infrastructure development
- Flexible technical environment
- Fast and easy expansion possibilities
- Ability to monitor used infrastructure
- High availability level
- Back-up solutions
- Constant maintenance and services from qualified IT professionals
- High safety and reliability levels of Tier III data center

Baltneta offers solutions that are based on VMware virtualization technologies. VMware is a global leader in infrastructure virtualization, offering reliable virtualization and cloud infrastructure decisions. It supports all the most common operating systems (MS DOS, MS Windows, Linux, Solaris x86, FreeBSD, etc.), enables its' users to reduce TCO and has more than 190 000 users worldwide.
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