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Appnor is a cloud provider operating infrastructure in Bucharest, Romania (Eastern Europe) and Reston, Virginia (US East).

12 Reasons to use Appnor as your IaaS provider

1. High touch customer services. Our engineers help you manage your growth.
2. Price. You get a managed cloud environment and technical support for less than major providers charge for slow unmanaged cloud servers.
3. Persistent, high I/O storage. You will not loose your data when rebooting. Our SANs use rapid SAS disks and do SSD caching.
4. Uptime. We have been 100% up for the last year, since the service started.
5. Security. You get DDOS protection, we run firewalls, IDS and IPS in our networks.
6. Scalability. We always have at least 100 cloud servers on standby.
7. Hardware as a Service. You can get dedicated hardware by the hour to run intensive tasks, such as Hadoop processing.
8. Open Source environments. We leverage OSS, in order to get excellent performance and transparency, while passing our savings to you.
9. Private cloud. Those who do not like sharing can use a cloud built specifically for them.
10. Technical skills. Our people have years of experience in building and scaling online services. We do not use prepackaged cloud solutions. We built and understood our cloud so we can always tailor it to our customers needs.
11. Dedicated resources. We run a true cloud environment. We are not in the business of overselling VPS machines that run on consumer equipment. You get dedicated resources, processing power is entirely separated from the storage layer, everything is fully redundant and hot serviceable.
12. Good neighbours. We're picky about who uses our cloud, so you can be sure our customers will never run services that can indirectly affect your business.

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OS Support
- Windows
- Linux
- Custom Image
Cloud Platform
- OpenNebula
Public Cloud Features
- High Availability
- API Access
- Integrated Firewall
- Integrated Backup
- Immediate setup
- Management available
- No compliance data.