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Availability, performance and security without waste. Ride your cloud the size of your demand
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Availability, performance and security without waste
Ride your cloud the size of your demand

In ALOG CORPORATE CLOUD, the infrastructure is delivered as a service and you pay only for what was used. You build your dedicated cloud or hire resources that are shared, scalable and have a corporate level of security and availability.

Unlike clouds on the market, in ALOG you can set up your environment combining resources on physical servers and the cloud, and still have total integration of the entire portfolio of ALOG services.

If security is your fear, don't worry! In ALOG CORPORATE CLOUD, your virtual environment is properly insulated and safe from other cloud environments, and integrates with other environments when necessary. This flexibility, coupled with safety and quality certified by SAS70 Type II and ISO9001: 2008, allows all their experience, regardless the time of contact, is agile and efficient, with prompt treatment of possible deviations.

Scalability of resources is ideal for applications with seasonal peaks in demand, such as e-commerce, hotsites, sports news, billing systems and others. The site may have peak usage so that the machines become saturated.

Why join the Cloud Computing?
• Less basic infrastructure - you can reduce your environment up to 10 times
• Lower operational cost of the data center - less space, power and cooling
• Increase of productivity, flexibility and responsiveness - do more with same features
• Increase or decrease your resources quickly and as often as needed without large investments
• Implemented agiler

Differentials of ALOG:
• Security -> your virtual machine is completely isolated and protected from other
• Integration -> Hosting + Colocation + Cloud + ALOG portfolio of 100% integrable
• 100% Brazilian -> know exactly where your cloud is
• 100% SOX compliance -> your cloud already born into a certified structure SAS70 Type II
• Guaranteed availability in contract
• Unconditional support -> count on a highly specialized technical team to plan and conduct your migration
• Allow you to manage your cloud with ALOG - a leader in managed hosting

"The i9 has chosen the ALOG Shared Cloud because we believe that is the only brazilian corporate cloud prepared to receive mission critical applications, such as ERPs. Currently, our company uses the ALOG's corporate solution for internal systems and projects for our clients. We know that the infrastructure is available in Brazil, was born certified in the SAS70 Type II (SOX Compliance) and can be easily integrated into environments already in place. "

Alexandre Marques and Leonardo Orsi,
Commercial Director and Operating Director at i9
Pioneer in implementing Dynamics AX solutions in Brazil

- Hyper-V
OS Support
- Windows
- Linux
- Custom Image
Cloud Platform
- Custom
Public Cloud Features
- High Availability
- API Access
- Integrated Firewall
- Integrated Load Balancer
- Integrated Backup
- SAS70: Type 1 Certified