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Slovak Telekom

From DC perspective Slovak Telekom is the biggest and most experienced DC operator in Slovakia:
o more than 6 000 m2 data center space in 5 locations
o 1 strategic twin core data centers in Slovakia
o 2 DCs with special physical security (bunkers)
o new Telekom DataCenter - one of the most modern DC in Slovakia
o 10 years of provisioning of DC services

Slovak Telekom is the largest telecommunications operator with many years? experience and international expertise, bringing innovative technology trends to Slovak telecommunications market. The company owns and operates a telecommunications network which covers the entire territory of the Slovak Republic, providing national and international voice services and a wide portfolio of modern data services under Telekom brand. It is also the largest provider of the Magio broadband internet. As Slovakia?s first multimedia operator, it offers interactive digital Magio TV via both fixed (metallic and optic) network and via DVB-S2 satellite technology. The company operates one of the largest next generation networks (NGN) enabling the use of voice and data services on one common IP platform. In order to be able to provide Slovakia?s citizens with new and more convenient services, the company has made huge investments in extension of its optical infrastructure.
In mobile communications, as the sole operator in the Slovak Republic we provide our customers with mobile Internet access over four high-speed data transmission technologies – GPRS/EDGE, Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi), UMTS FDD/HSDPA/HSPA+ and FLASH-OFDM, and we also are the one with the largest number of roaming partners. Customers can use roaming services in the networks of 404 mobile operators in 202 destinations, and GPRS and MMS roaming with 212 GSM operators in 108 destinations worldwide.
After successful launch of HSPA+ technology with speed of 21 Mbps we have approached another success in upgrading the HSPA+ technology which allowed us to increase the speed to 42 Mbps. We continue in extending our 3G network as we want to reach one of our main goals – to cover 80% of Slovak population.

The Company is part of the multinational Deutsche Telekom Group (Frankfurt, Amtlicher Handel: DTE/NYSE: DT). Deutsche Telekom AG is the majority shareholder of Slovak Telekom, with a 51 % stake. The Slovak Republic, represented by the Ministry of Economy, is the owner of 34 % of shares and the National Property Fund of the Slovak Republic holds 15 % of shares.

Slovak Telekom Group
The Slovak Telekom Group consists of the parent company Slovak Telekom, a. s., and its subsidiaries Zoznam, s. r. o., and Zoznam Mobile, s. r. o., Telekom Sec, s.r.o., and PosAm, spol. s r.o. as of 29 January 2010.
Until 30 June 2010, T-Mobile Slovensko, a. s., was also part of the Slovak Telekom Group. It ceased to exist as of 1 July 2010 by virtue of the merger with Slovak Telekom, a.s. Upon merger of the two companies, the T-Com and T-Mobile brands were also merged to a common brand Telekom (magenta T).

Actual information about the products and services provided under the Telekom brand is available at or at toll-free number 0800 123 456.

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Slovak Telekom

Headquartered in Bratislava, Slovakia