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Market your cloud services online – boost your channel partners
Storefront is the end-customer portal and at the same time a resellers' extra-net. With the Storefront of Interworks Cloud Platform, you can market all your cloud services input in the Cloud BSS, online, and provide them either to your Resellers or your end customers for review or purchase.
What are the benefits for your Cloud Business implementing
the Interworks Cloud Platform Storefront?
Automated order and payment processing
Your Cloud Business is “open” 24/7
Flexibility: your reseller or end customer can choose their services on their own
Direct communication with your provisioning system: Never misconduct your available resources
Bundle your services and create overall solutions for your clients and resellers
Help your clients enjoy a unified overview of all their subscriptions and services
Handle your customers overview, purchase history and preferences
Allow your resellers to conduct a unified handling of their customer’s purchase history and billing
It's white-label: you brand your own marketplace with your company colours

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