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On this page, and the pages available via the tabs above, you can see details about the autonomous number 47142.
The data are updated regularly, the last update was on 04-08-2020.

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AS description:
AS number:
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Originated prefixes:

SteepHost DC-UA

For further details about AS47142 please navigate through the tabs or check out a more extensive profile at Robtex.


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as-block: AS47104 - AS52223
descr: RIPE NCC ASN block
remarks: These AS Numbers are assigned to network operators in the RIPE NCC service region.
created: 2018-11-22T15:27:34Z
last-modified: 2018-11-22T15:27:34Z
source: RIPE
aut-num: AS47142
remarks: Routing and Peering requests............: noc at
export: to AS51403 announce ANY
import: from AS51403 accept AS51403
export: to AS15772 announce AS47142
export: to AS15626 announce AS47142
export: to AS13103 announce AS47142
export: to AS15497 announce AS47142
export: to AS25229 announce AS47142
export: to AS13249 announce AS47142
export: to AS21011 announce AS47142
export: to AS12530 announce AS47142
export: to AS8856 announce AS47142
export: to AS29470 announce AS47142
export: to AS31338 announce AS47142
export: to AS8473 announce AS47142
export: to AS3356 announce AS47142
export: to AS3561 announce AS47142
export: to AS1239 announce AS47142
export: to AS209 announce AS47142
export: to AS3549 announce AS47142
export: to AS174 announce AS47142
export: to AS9002 announce AS-STEEPHOST
export: to AS6939 announce AS47142
export: to AS1299 announce AS47142
import: from AS15772 accept any
import: from AS15626 accept any
import: from AS13103 accept any
import: from AS15497 accept any
import: from AS25229 accept any
import: from AS13249 accept any
import: from AS21011 accept any
import: from AS12530 accept any
import: from AS8856 accept any
import: from AS29470 accept any
import: from AS31338 accept any
import: from AS8473 accept any
import: from AS3356 accept any
import: from AS3561 accept any
import: from AS1239 accept any
import: from AS209 accept any
import: from AS3549 accept any
import: from AS174 accept any
import: from AS9002 accept any
import: from AS6939 accept any
import: from AS1299 accept any
import: from AS15785 accept any
export: to AS15785 announce AS47142
import: from AS6849 accept any
export: to AS6849 announce AS47142
import: from AS21219 accept any
export: to AS21219 announce AS-STEEPHOST
import: from AS34323 accept any
export: to AS34323 announce AS-STEEPHOST
import: from AS24710 accept any
import: from AS13188 accept any
import: from AS43011 accept any
import: from AS6768 accept any
export: to AS24710 announce AS47142
export: to AS13188 announce AS-STEEPHOST
export: to AS43011 announce AS-STEEPHOST
export: to AS6768 announce AS-STEEPHOST
import: from AS198556 accept AS198556
export: to AS198556 announce ANY
export: to AS24724 announce AS-STEEPHOST
export: to AS24724 announce AS47142
import: from AS24724 accept any
export: to AS34700 announce AS-STEEPHOST
import: from AS34700 accept any
mp-import: afi ipv6.unicast from AS34700 accept ANY
mp-export: afi ipv6.unicast to AS34700 announce AS-STEEPHOST
mp-export: afi ipv6.unicast to AS34700 announce AS47142
mp-import: afi ipv6.unicast from AS6939 accept ANY
mp-export: afi ipv6.unicast to AS6939 announce AS47142
mp-export: afi ipv6.unicast to AS6939 announce AS-STEEPHOST
mp-import: afi ipv6.unicast from AS29632 accept ANY
mp-export: afi ipv6.unicast to AS29632 announce AS47142
mp-export: afi ipv6.unicast to AS29632 announce AS-STEEPHOST
mp-export: afi ipv6.unicast to AS24724 announce AS-STEEPHOST
mp-export: afi ipv6.unicast to AS24724 announce AS47142
mp-import: afi ipv6.unicast from AS24724 accept ANY
remarks: SteepHost DC-SteepHost.COM Datacentre Allocation
admin-c: SH3855-RIPE
tech-c: SH3855-RIPE
status: ASSIGNED
mnt-by: SH3855-MNT
created: 2008-05-05T09:23:10Z
last-modified: 2019-12-02T14:00:33Z
source: RIPE
sponsoring-org: ORG-ML520-RIPE
organisation: ORG-SH7-RIPE
org-name: PP Andrey Kiselev
org-type: OTHER
phone: +380-94-7-11-22-7-5
address: Kharkiv
address: Ukraine
phone: +380-63-618-45-00
abuse-c: AR19187-RIPE
mnt-ref: SH3855-MNT
mnt-by: SH3855-MNT
created: 2008-04-21T11:55:15Z
last-modified: 2019-01-17T00:11:44Z
source: RIPE # Filtered
role: SH3855
phone: +380-94-7-11-22-7-5
address: Ukraine
nic-hdl: SH3855-RIPE
mnt-by: SH3855-MNT
created: 2008-04-21T10:39:29Z
last-modified: 2019-01-16T23:56:55Z
source: RIPE # Filtered
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