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On this page, and the pages available via the tabs above, you can see details about the autonomous number 35805.
The data are updated regularly, the last update was on 03-03-2021.

AS name:
AS description:
AS number:
Originated prefixes:


For further details about AS35805 please navigate through the tabs or check out a more extensive profile at ASRank.


Data downloaded from

aut-num: AS35805
as-name: SILKNET-AS
import: from AS15491 accept as-set-wanex
export: to AS15491 announce ANY
import: from AS42082 accept AS42082
mp-import: afi ipv6 from AS42082 accept AS42082
export: to AS42082 announce ANY
mp-export: afi ipv6 to AS42082 announce ANY
import: from AS1299 accept ANY
mp-import: afi ipv6 from AS1299 accept ANY
export: to AS1299 announce as-set-utg
mp-export: afi ipv6 to AS1299 announce AS35805:AS-CUSTOMERS-IPv6
import: From AS174 accept ANY
mp-import: afi ipv6 from AS174 accept ANY
export: to AS174 announce as-set-utg
mp-export: afi ipv6 to AS174 announce AS35805:AS-CUSTOMERS-IPv6
import: From AS6762 accept ANY
export: to AS6762 announce as-set-utg
import: From AS31133 accept ANY
export: to AS31133 announce as-set-utg
import: From AS9121 accept ANY
mp-import: afi ipv6 from AS9121 accept ANY
export: to AS9121 announce as-set-utg
mp-export: afi ipv6 to AS9121 announce AS35805:AS-CUSTOMERS-IPv6
import: From AS20771 accept ANY
export: to AS20771 announce as-set-utg
import: From AS6695 accept AS-DECIX
export: to AS6695 announce as-set-utg
import: From AS57436 accept AS-NETIX-NET
export: to AS57436 announce as-set-utg
import: From AS15169 accept AS15169
export: to AS15169 announce as-set-utg
import: From AS32934 accept AS32934
export: to AS32934 announce as-set-utg
import: From AS57814 accept AS57814
mp-import: afi ipv6 from AS57814 accept AS57814
export: to AS57814 announce ANY
mp-export: afi ipv6 to AS57814 announce ANY
import: from AS34797 accept as-set-utg
export: to AS34797 announce ANY
import: from AS34666 accept AS34666
export: to AS34666 announce ANY
import: from AS49254 accept AS49254
export: to AS49254 announce ANY
import: from AS51010 accept AS51010
export: to AS51010 announce ANY
import: from AS48393 accept AS48393
export: to AS48393 announce ANY
import: from AS20545 accept AS20545
export: to AS20545 announce ANY
import: from AS24997 accept AS24997
export: to AS24997 announce ANY
import: from AS56811 accept AS56811
export: to AS56811 announce ANY
import: from AS56855 accept AS56855
export: to AS56855 announce ANY
import: from AS25249 accept as-magticom
export: to AS25249 announce ANY
import: from AS47921 accept as-set-lunet
export: to AS47921 announce ANY
import: from AS57445 accept AS57445
export: to AS57445 announce ANY
import: from AS56966 accept AS56966
export: to AS56966 announce ANY
import: from AS42223 accept AS42223
export: to AS42223 announce ANY
import: from AS198561 accept AS198561
export: to AS198561 announce ANY
import: from AS34984 accept ANY
export: to AS34984 announce as-set-utg
import: from AS58185 accept AS58185
export: to AS58185 announce ANY
import: from AS198876 accept AS198876
export: to AS198876 announce ANY
import: From AS59503 accept AS59503
export: to AS59503 announce ANY
import: From AS199045 accept AS199045
export: to AS199045 announce ANY
import: From AS198874 accept AS198874
export: to AS198874 announce ANY
import: From AS9144 accept AS9144
mp-import: afi ipv6 from AS9144 accept AS9144
export: to AS9144 announce ANY
mp-export: afi ipv6 to AS9144 announce ANY
import: from AS20771 accept ANY
export: to AS20771 announce as-set-utg
import: From AS61167 accept AS61167
export: to AS61167 announce ANY
import: From AS199872 accept AS199872
export: to AS199872 announce ANY
import: From AS202223 accept AS202223
export: to AS202223 announce ANY
import: From AS62252 accept AS62252
export: to AS62252 announce ANY
import: From AS198512 accept AS198512
export: to AS198512 announce ANY
import: From AS201853 accept AS201853
export: to AS201853 announce ANY
import: From AS57881 accept AS57881
export: to AS57881 announce ANY
import: From AS201651 accept AS201651
export: to AS201651 announce ANY
import: From AS201174 accept AS201174
export: to AS201174 announce ANY
import: From AS200488 accept AS200488
export: to AS200488 announce ANY
mp-import: afi ipv6 from AS57814 accept AS57814
mp-export: afi ipv6 to AS57814 announce ANY
import: From AS209332 accept AS209332
export: to AS209332 announce ANY
import: From AS208883 accept AS208883
export: to AS208883 announce ANY
import: From AS199469 accept AS199469
export: to AS199469 announce ANY
import: From AS209046 accept AS209046
export: to AS209046 announce ANY
import: from AS208080 accept AS208080
export: to AS208080 announce ANY
mp-import: afi ipv6 from AS208080 accept AS208080
mp-export: afi ipv6 to AS208080 announce ANY
import: from AS209012 accept AS209012
export: to AS209012 announce ANY
import: from AS207573 accept AS207573
export: to AS207573 announce ANY
import: from AS212803 accept AS212803
export: to AS212803 announce ANY
import: from AS208320 accept AS208320
export: to AS208320 announce ANY
admin-c: MB16997-RIPE
tech-c: MB16997-RIPE
status: ASSIGNED
mnt-by: MNT-UTG
created: 2005-10-31T14:23:26Z
last-modified: 2020-09-11T12:38:02Z
source: RIPE
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