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On this page, and the pages available via the tabs above, you can see details about the autonomous number 33891.
The data are updated regularly, the last update was on 25-02-2021.

AS name:
AS description:
AS number:
Operated by:
Originated prefixes:

Core Backbone GmbH

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aut-num: AS33891
remarks: *********************************************
remarks: Upstreams:
remarks: ---------------------------------------------
remarks: LEVEL3
import: from AS3356 accept ANY
export: to AS3356 announce AS-CORE-BACKBONE
remarks: ---------------------------------------------
remarks: TELIA
import: from AS1299 accept ANY
export: to AS1299 announce AS-CORE-BACKBONE
remarks: ---------------------------------------------
remarks: *********************************************
remarks: Heavy abstraction of accepting routes at peerings
remarks: as we do peer at many points with many networks and
remarks: do apply filter with their AS-SET, apply filters for
remarks: more specific than /24 prefixes, have max-prefix
remarks: filters applied, but we do not want to maintain always
remarks: a list here:
import: from AS-ANY accept ANY
remarks: Also, we do filter very strict our customers at
remarks: same very hard level.
remarks: ---------------------------------------------
remarks: Customers:
remarks: ---------------------------------------------
export: to AS-CORE-BACKBONE announce ANY
remarks: ---------------------------------------------
remarks: Peerings:
remarks: ---------------------------------------------
export: to AS-ANY announce AS-CORE-BACKBONE
remarks: ---------------------------------------------
remarks: *********************************************
admin-c: CGCR1-RIPE
tech-c: CGCR1-RIPE
status: ASSIGNED
remarks: ** BGP communities for Core-Backbone customers **
remarks: ****************************************************
remarks: Origin communities on received routes:
remarks: 33891:33890 BLACKHOLE Community
remarks: 33891:33891 Routes learned at Core-Backbone 33891
remarks: 33891:33892 Routes learned at Customers/Downstreams
remarks: 33891:33893 Routes learned at Private/Publicpeering
remarks: 33891:33900 Routes learned at Private Peerings
remarks: ----------------------------------------------------
remarks: 33891:33894 Routes learned at NIX, Germany
remarks: 33891:33895 Routes learned at DECIX, FRA, Germany
remarks: 33891:33896 Routes learned at LINX, England
remarks: 33891:33897 Routes learned at AMSIX, The Netherlands
remarks: 33891:33898 Routes learned at SWISSIX, Switzerland
remarks: 33891:33899 Routes learned at VIX, Austria
remarks: 33891:33901 Routes learned at PEERINGCZ, Czech Republic
remarks: 33891:33902 Routes learned at HOPUS, Germany
remarks: 33891:33903 Routes learned at DECIX, NYK, United States
remarks: 33891:33904 Routes learned at NYIIX, United States
remarks: 33891:33905 Routes learned at ECIX-DUS, Germany
remarks: 33891:33906 Routes learned at FRANCEIX, France
remarks: 33891:33907 Routes learned at NETNOD, Sweden
remarks: 33891:33908 Routes learned at NIX, Czech Republic
remarks: 33891:33909 Routes learned at SAIX, Austria
remarks: 33891:33910 Routes learned at EQUINIX, Singapore
remarks: 33891:33911 Routes learned at BCIX, Germany
remarks: 33891:33912 Routes learned at COMMUNITY IX, Germany
remarks: 33891:33913 Routes learned at DECIX, DUS, Germany
remarks: 33891:33914 Routes learned at DECIX, MUC, Germany
remarks: 33891:33915 Routes learned at DECIX, HAM, Germany
remarks: 33891:33916 Routes learned at DECIX, MAD, Spain
remarks: 33891:33917 Routes learned at STHIX, COP, Denmark
remarks: 33891:33918 Routes learned at ESPANIX, MAD, Spain
remarks: ****************************************************
remarks: Prepend communities for advertising routes:
remarks: 33891:400X Routes announced to NIX, Germany
remarks: 33891:500X Routes announced to DECIX, FRA, Germany
remarks: 33891:600X Routes announced to LINX, England
remarks: 33891:700X Routes announced to AMSIX, The Netherlands
remarks: 33891:800X Routes announced to SWISSIX, Switzerland
remarks: 33891:900X Routes announced to VIX, Austria
remarks: 33891:1000X Routes announced to PEERINGCZ, Czech Republic
remarks: 33891:1100X Routes announced to HOPUS, GERMANY
remarks: 33891:1200X Routes announced to DECIX, NYK, United States
remarks: 33891:1300X Routes announced to NYIIX, United States
remarks: 33891:1400X Routes announced to ECIX-DUS, Germany
remarks: 33891:1500X Routes announced to FRANCEIX, France
remarks: 33891:1600X Routes announced to NETNOD, Sweden
remarks: 33891:1700X Routes announced to NIX, Czech Republic
remarks: 33891:1800X Routes announced to SAIX, Austria
remarks: 33891:1900X Routes announced to EQUINIX, Singapore
remarks: 33891:2000X Routes announced to BCIX, Germany
remarks: 33891:2100X Routes announced to COMMUNITY IX, Germany
remarks: 33891:2200X Routes announced to DECIX, DUS, Germany
remarks: 33891:2300X Routes announced to DECIX, MUC, Germany
remarks: 33891:2400X Routes announced to DECIX, HAM, Germany
remarks: 33891:2500X Routes announced to DECIX, MAD, Spain
remarks: 33891:2600X Routes announced to STHIX, COP, Danmark
remarks: 33891:2700X Routes announced to ESPANIX, MAD, Spain
remarks: ---------------------------------------------------
remarks: X stands for 1-3 prepends or 0 for do not annouce
remarks: ****************************************************
created: 2004-09-01T12:28:10Z
last-modified: 2020-11-16T11:25:25Z
source: RIPE
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