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Global Network Management Inc
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For further details about AS31500, we recommend checking the more extensive profile at ASRank or looking it up at PeeringDB. We utilize both these sources and highly recommend them.

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aut-num: AS31500
remarks: GlobalNet LLC
remarks: ------
remarks: [GlobalNet]
remarks: ------
remarks: AS-SET v6: AS-GLOBAL-NET-V6
remarks: ------
remarks: Community advertising
remarks: ------
remarks: 31500:587x Advertising to VympelCom, Beeline (AS3216)
remarks: 31500:588x Advertising to Rostelecom (AS12389)
remarks: 31500:585x Advertising to MTS (AS8359)
remarks: 31500:590x Advertising to GlobalIX
remarks: 31500:580x Advertising to Runnet (AS3267)
remarks: 31500:581x Advertising to Comcor (AS8732)
remarks: 31500:582x Advertising to Vodafone (AS1273)
remarks: 31500:583x Advertising to Level3 (AS3356)
remarks: 31500:584x Advertising to Telecom Italia (AS6762)
remarks: 31500:586x Advertising to NetByNet(AS12714)
remarks: 31500:500x Advertising to MSK-IX
remarks: 31500:510x Advertising to SOL-IX
remarks: 31500:520x Advertising to AMS-IX
remarks: 31500:530x Advertising to LINX
remarks: 31500:540x Advertising to DE-CIX
remarks: 31500:550x Advertising to Netnod
remarks: 31500:560x Advertising to DataIX
remarks: 31500:570x Advertising to DTEL-IX
remarks: 31500:610x Advertising to Equinix-IX
remarks: 31500:620x Advertising to InterIX
remarks: 31500:630x Advertising to LSIX
remarks: 31500:650x Advertising to Frys-IX
remarks: 31500:660x Advertising to Speed-IX
remarks: 31500:670x Advertising to ERA-IX
remarks: 31500:1580x Advertising to peering ER-Telecom (AS9049)
remarks: 31500:1581x Advertising to peering Akamai (AS20940)
remarks: 31500:1582x Advertising to peering MegafonVolga (AS31133)
remarks: 31500:1583x Advertising to peering SkyNet (AS35807)
remarks: 31500:1584x Advertising to peering FotonTelecom (AS42861)
remarks: 31500:1585x Advertising to peering Prometey (AS35000)
remarks: 31500:001 do not announce IX direct peers and private peers RU
remarks: 31500:002 do not announce IX RS peers RU
remarks: 31500:003 do not announce Upstream RU
remarks: ------
remarks: where:
remarks: x = 0 - 6; 0 - do not announce, 1 - 6 - number of prepends
remarks: ------
remarks: Community meaning
remarks: ------
remarks: 31500:1000 - Moscow-IX RS peers
remarks: 31500:1001 - Moscow-IX direct peers
remarks: 31500:1002 - Moscow private peers
remarks: 31500:495 - Moscow prefixes
remarks: 31500:812 - Saint-Petersburg prefixes
remarks: 31500:2002 - Saint-Petersburg private peers
remarks: 31500:3060 DATA-IX RS peers
remarks: 31500:3061 DATA-IX direct peers
remarks: 31500:10000 GLOBAL-IX RS peers
remarks: 31500:10001 GLOBAL-IX direct peers
remarks: 31500:3000 - AMS-IX RS peers
remarks: 31500:3001 - AMS-IX direct peers
remarks: 31500:3002 - AMS private peers
remarks: 31500:3010 - LINX-IX RS peers
remarks: 31500:3011 - LINX-IX direct peers
remarks: 31500:3020 - DTEL-IX RS peers
remarks: 31500:3021 - DTEL-IX direct peers
remarks: 31500:3030 - DEC-IX RS peers
remarks: 31500:3031 - DEC-IX direct peers
remarks: 31500:3040 - Netnod-IX RS peers
remarks: 31500:3041 - Netnod-IX direct peers
remarks: 31500:3070 - Equinix-IX RS peers
remarks: 31500:3071 - Equinix-IX direct peers
remarks: 31500:3050 - SOL-IX RS peers
remarks: 31500:3051 - SOL-IX direct peers
remarks: 31500:3080 - InterIX RS peers
remarks: 31500:3081 - InterIX direct peers
remarks: 31500:3090 - LSIX RS peers
remarks: 31500:3091 - LSIX direct peers
remarks: 31500:4000 - Frys-IX RS peers
remarks: 31500:4001 - Frys-IX direct peers
remarks: 31500:4010 - Speed-IX RS peers
remarks: 31500:4011 - Speed-IX direct peers
remarks: 31500:4020 - ERA-IX RS peers
remarks: 31500:4021 - ERA-IX RS direct peers
remarks: 31500:8732 - Comcor (AS8732)
remarks: 31500:12389 - Rostelecom (AS12389)
remarks: 31500:8359 - MTS (AS8359)
remarks: 31500:3216 - Beeline (AS3216)
remarks: 31500:12714 - Netbynet (AS12714)
remarks: 31500:3267 - Russian Universitet Network (AS3267)
remarks: 31500:3356 - Level3 (AS3356)
remarks: 31500:1273 - Vodafone (AS1273)
remarks: 31500:6762 - Telecom Italia
remarks: 31500:4010 Private Peering Prometey (AS35000)
remarks: 31500:4020 Private Peering SkyNet (AS35807)
remarks: 31500:4040 Private Peering MegafonVolga
remarks: 31500:4100 Private Peering Akamai
remarks: 31500:4120 Private Peering FotonTelecom
remarks: 31500:5555 - Customers-IPv4
remarks: 31500:9000 - Customers-IPv6
remarks: 0:666 - Blackhole
remarks: ==================================
remarks: Routing and peering issue:
remarks: Customer's support:
remarks: Spam abuse:
remarks: ==================================
remarks: ------
remarks: Local-preference
remarks: ------
remarks: 31500:60 - set local-pref=60
remarks: Default local-pref:
remarks: 500 - Customer
remarks: 100 - Upstream
remarks: ------
remarks: MED adjustment
remarks: ------
remarks: Default MED is 0 for originated prefixes (origin AS = peer AS), 10 for all others
remarks: --- For originated prefixes
remarks: 31500:1005 - Set med 05
remarks: 31500:1010 - Set med 10
remarks: 31500:1015 - Set med 15
remarks: 31500:10 - Accept med as-is, do not set
remarks: --- For non-originated prefixes
remarks: 31500:1015 - Set med 15
remarks: 31500:1020 - Set med 20
remarks: 31500:1030 - Set med 30
remarks: --------------------------------------------------------------------
remarks: ------
remarks: [Global-IX]
remarks: ------
remarks: ------
remarks: Community advertising
remarks: ------
remarks: 0: - Do not announce to Peering AS
remarks: 31500: - Announce to Peering AS
remarks: 0:666 - Blackhole
remarks: ==================================
remarks: Routing and peering issue:
remarks: Customer's support:
remarks: Spam abuse:
remarks: ==================================
remarks: -------------- Uplinks (localpref 100) -----------------
remarks: --- Level3
import: from AS3356 accept any
export: to AS3356 announce AS-GLOBAL-NET
mp-import: afi ipv6.unicast from AS3356 accept any
mp-export: afi ipv6.unicast to AS3356 announce AS-GLOBAL-NET-v6
remarks: --- Vodafon
import: from AS1273 accept any
export: to AS1273 announce AS-GLOBAL-NET
mp-import: afi ipv6.unicast from AS1273 accept any
mp-export: afi ipv6.unicast to AS1273 announce AS-GLOBAL-NET-v6
remarks: --- Telecom Italia
import: from AS6762 accept any
export: to AS6762 announce AS-GLOBAL-NET
mp-import: afi ipv6.unicast from AS6762 accept any
mp-export: afi ipv6.unicast to AS1273 announce AS-GLOBAL-NET-v6
remarks: -------------- Private Peers (localpref 160) -----------------
remarks: --- Comcor
import: from AS8732 accept any
export: to AS8732 announce AS-GLOBAL-NET
mp-import: afi ipv6.unicast from AS8732 accept any
mp-export: afi ipv6.unicast to AS8732 announce AS-GLOBAL-NET-v6
remarks: --- RunNet
import: from AS3267 accept any
export: to AS3267 announce AS-GLOBAL-NET
mp-import: afi ipv6.unicast from AS3267 accept any
mp-export: afi ipv6.unicast to AS3267 announce AS-GLOBAL-NET-v6
remarks: --- ER-Telecom Holding
import: from AS9049 accept AS-ERTH
export: to AS9049 announce AS-GLOBAL-NET
remarks: --- Rostelecom
import: from AS12389 accept AS-ROSTELECOM
export: to AS12389 announce AS-GLOBAL-NET
remarks: --- Akamai
import: from AS20940 accept AS-AKAMAI
export: to AS20940 announce AS-GLOBAL-NET
remarks: --- Megafon
import: from AS31133 accept AS-MF-MGSM
export: to AS31133 announce AS-GLOBAL-NET
remarks: --- Prometey
import: from AS35000 accept AS-PROMETEY
export: to AS35000 announce AS-GLOBAL-NET
remarks: --- SkyNet
import: from AS48076 accept AS-OLYMP-TELECOM
export: to AS48076 announce AS-GLOBAL-NET
remarks: Name: Vkontakte
import: from AS47541 accept AS47541
export: to AS47541 announce AS-GLOBAL-NET
remarks: Name: Vkontakte2
import: from AS47542 accept AS47542
export: to AS47542 announce AS-GLOBAL-NET
remarks: -------------- Internet Exchanges Route Servers (localpref 130) -----------------
remarks: --- MSK-IX
import: from AS8631 accept AS-MSKROUTESERVER
export: to AS8631 announce AS-GLOBAL-NET
mp-import: afi ipv6.unicast from AS8631 accept AS-MSKROUTESERVER
mp-export: afi ipv6.unicast to AS8631 announce AS-GLOBAL-NET-v6
remarks: --- Netnod
import: from AS52005 accept AS-NETNOD
export: to AS52005 announce AS-GLOBAL-NET
mp-import: afi ipv6.unicast from AS6777 accept AS-NETNOD
mp-export: afi ipv6.unicast to AS6777 announce AS-GLOBAL-NET-v6
remarks: --- SOL-IX
import: from AS25172 accept AS-SOLIX-RS
export: to AS25172 announce AS-GLOBAL-NET
remarks: --- AMS-IX
import: from AS6777 accept AS-AMS-IX-RS
export: to AS6777 announce AS-GLOBAL-NET
mp-import: afi ipv6.unicast from AS6777 accept AS-AMS-IX-RS-V6
mp-export: afi ipv6.unicast to AS6777 announce AS-GLOBAL-NET-v6
remarks: --- DE-CIX
import: from AS6695 accept AS-DECIX
export: to AS6695 announce AS-GLOBAL-NET
mp-import: afi ipv6.unicast from AS6695 accept AS-DECIX-V6
mp-export: afi ipv6.unicast to AS6695 announce AS-GLOBAL-NET-v6
remarks: --- LINX
import: from AS5459 accept AS-LINX
export: to AS5459 announce AS-GLOBAL-NET
remarks: --- DTEL-IX Route Server
import: from AS31210 accept AS-DTEL-IX
export: to AS31210 announce AS-GLOBAL-NET
mp-import: afi ipv6.unicast from AS31210 accept AS-DTEL-IX-V6
mp-export: afi ipv6.unicast to AS31210 announce AS-GLOBAL-NET-v6
remarks: Too many imports/exports to list
remarks: Come to the office, have a cup of tea, and we'll tell you about our import/export list
remarks: -------------- GlobalNet Customers (localpref 500) -----------------
import: from AS21314 accept AS21314
import: from AS24429 accept AS24429
import: from AS29613 accept AS29613
import: from AS34042 accept AS34042
import: from AS42065 accept AS42065
import: from AS42893 accept AS42893
import: from AS43865 accept AS43865
import: from AS44380 accept AS44380
import: from AS44640 accept AS44640
import: from AS44923 accept AS44923
import: from AS47333 accept AS47333
import: from AS47363 accept AS47363
import: from AS47914 accept AS47914
import: from AS48670 accept AS48670
import: from AS49340 accept AS49340
import: from AS49830 accept AS49830
import: from AS49722 accept AS49722
import: from AS49830 accept AS49830
import: from AS50448 accept AS50488
import: from AS50952 accept AS50952
import: from AS57246 accept AS57246
import: from AS57456 accept AS57456
import: from AS58042 accept AS58042
import: from AS59504 accept AS59504
import: from AS60265 accept AS60265
import: from AS60470 accept AS60470
import: from AS196879 accept AS196879
import: from AS197080 accept AS197080
import: from AS196739 accept AS196739
import: from AS199732 accept AS199732
import: from AS200172 accept AS200172
import: from AS201694 accept AS201694
import: from AS204941 accept AS204941
import: from AS15449 accept AS15449
import: from AS209343 accept AS-SET-RSI
import: from AS16321 accept AS-AICONET
import: from AS44843 accept AS-AMSTEL
import: from AS44068 accept AS-ARBITAL
import: from AS198610 accept AS-BEGET
import: from AS28761 accept AS28761:AS-CUSTOMERS
import: from AS60212 accept AS-BITECOM
import: from AS58042 accept AS-BONCH
import: from AS21030 accept AS-CDNNOW
import: from AS204941 accept AS-CGNET
import: from AS34892 accept AS-CHIL
import: from AS49345 accept AS-CLGP
import: from AS44020 accept AS-CLN
import: from AS6858 accept AS-COMLINK
import: from AS42839 accept AS-DCTV
import: from AS44816 accept AS-DELFINTELECOM
import: from AS8395 accept AS-EAST
import: from AS50911 accept AS-ELECTRON
import: from AS25520 accept AS-FUTURES
import: from AS60691 accept AS-GLAVSV-MAIN
import: from AS29319 accept AS-IMSYS
import: from AS48416 accept AS-INFOLAN
import: from AS43918 accept AS-ISPSYSTEM
import: from AS43966 accept AS-ITREGION
import: from AS47211 accept AS-KOLPINONET
import: from AS59516 accept AS-LANAMAR
import: from AS42765 accept AS-LINER
import: from AS42575 accept AS-M2C
import: from AS60299 accept AS-MMTS
import: from AS12690 accept AS-MKSNET
import: from AS48347 accept AS-MTW
import: from AS34123 accept AS-NETORN
import: from AS61400 accept AS-NETRACK
import: from AS31277 accept AS-NEWLINESPB
import: from AS43106 accept AS-NEVACOM
import: from AS34879 accept AS-NGENIX
import: from AS25189 accept AS-NLINE
import: from AS50113 accept AS-NTX
import: from AS25474 accept AS-OKB-TELECOM
import: from AS205540 accept AS-PAOTK
import: from AS205717 accept AS205717
import: from AS8377 accept AS-PETERLINK
import: from AS44050 accept AS-PIN
import: from AS47133 accept AS-PL-NET
import: from AS47438 accept AS-PSKOVLINE
import: from AS12418 accept AS-QUANTUM
import: from AS21414 accept AS-RCNET
import: from AS6870 accept AS-RECONN
import: from AS43317 accept AS-RNET
import: from AS33842 accept AS-RU-CROSSTEL
import: from AS199860 accept AS-XELENT
import: from AS60388 accept AS-SIGMA-TELECOM
import: from AS6679 accept AS-SKADI
import: from AS31376 accept AS-SMART-C
import: from AS42429 accept AS-TELERU
import: from AS39598 accept AS-TIERA
import: from AS47441 accept AS-TRUNKMOBILE
import: from AS57113 accept AS-TZ
import: from AS57113 accept AS-VIARTCOM
import: from AS44882 accept AS-VSEVNET
import: from AS48293 accept AS-UNIONTEL-RU
import: from AS31323 accept AS-UNNET
import: from AS51904 accept AS-UTEX
import: from AS51437 accept AS51437
import: from AS48347 accept AS-MTW
import: from AS48078 accept AS-DAGOMYS-AS
import: from AS51248 accept AS-HOST-TELECOM-CZ
export: to AS21314 announce ANY
export: to AS24429 announce ANY
export: to AS28761 announce ANY
export: to AS29613 announce ANY
export: to AS34042 announce ANY
export: to AS42065 announce ANY
export: to AS42893 announce ANY
export: to AS43865 announce ANY
export: to AS44380 announce ANY
export: to AS44640 announce ANY
export: to AS44923 announce ANY
export: to AS47333 announce ANY
export: to AS47363 announce ANY
export: to AS47914 announce ANY
export: to AS48670 announce ANY
export: to AS49340 announce ANY
export: to AS49722 announce ANY
export: to AS49830 announce ANY
export: to AS50448 announce ANY
export: to AS50952 announce ANY
export: to AS57246 announce ANY
export: to AS57456 announce ANY
export: to AS58042 announce ANY
export: to AS59504 announce ANY
export: to AS60265 announce ANY
export: to AS60470 announce ANY
export: to AS196879 announce ANY
export: to AS197080 announce ANY
export: to AS196739 announce ANY
export: to AS199732 announce ANY
export: to AS200172 announce ANY
export: to AS201694 announce ANY
export: to AS209343 announce ANY
export: to AS204941 announce ANY
export: to AS16321 announce ANY
export: to AS44843 announce ANY
export: to AS44068 announce ANY
export: to AS198610 announce ANY
export: to AS60212 announce ANY
export: to AS58042 announce ANY
export: to AS21030 announce ANY
export: to AS204941 announce ANY
export: to AS34892 announce ANY
export: to AS49345 announce ANY
export: to AS44020 announce ANY
export: to AS6858 announce ANY
export: to AS42839 announce ANY
export: to AS44816 announce ANY
export: to AS8395 announce ANY
export: to AS50911 announce ANY
export: to AS25520 announce ANY
export: to AS60691 announce ANY
export: to AS29319 announce ANY
export: to AS48416 announce ANY
export: to AS43918 announce ANY
export: to AS43966 announce ANY
export: to AS47211 announce ANY
export: to AS59516 announce ANY
export: to AS42765 announce ANY
export: to AS42575 announce ANY
export: to AS60299 announce ANY
export: to AS12690 announce ANY
export: to AS48347 announce ANY
export: to AS34123 announce ANY
export: to AS61400 announce ANY
export: to AS31277 announce ANY
export: to AS43106 announce ANY
export: to AS34879 announce ANY
export: to AS25189 announce ANY
export: to AS50113 announce ANY
export: to AS25474 announce ANY
export: to AS205540 announce ANY
export: to AS205717 announce ANY
export: to AS8377 announce ANY
export: to AS44050 announce ANY
export: to AS47133 announce ANY
export: to AS47438 announce ANY
export: to AS12418 announce ANY
export: to AS21414 announce ANY
export: to AS6870 announce ANY
export: to AS43317 announce ANY
export: to AS33842 announce ANY
export: to AS199860 announce ANY
export: to AS60388 announce ANY
export: to AS6679 announce ANY
export: to AS31376 announce ANY
export: to AS42429 announce ANY
export: to AS39598 announce ANY
export: to AS47441 announce ANY
export: to AS57113 announce ANY
export: to AS57113 announce ANY
export: to AS44882 announce ANY
export: to AS48293 announce ANY
export: to AS31323 announce ANY
export: to AS51904 announce ANY
export: to AS15449 announce ANY
export: to AS51437 announce ANY
export: to AS48347 announce ANY
export: to AS48078 announce ANY
export: to AS51248 announce ANY
admin-c: CA9667-RIPE
tech-c: CA9667-RIPE
status: ASSIGNED
mnt-by: mnt-ag-globalnet-1
created: 2004-05-28T15:16:04Z
last-modified: 2023-01-20T13:45:01Z
source: RIPE
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