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NTT Global Data Centers EMEA UK Ltd.
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NTT Global Data Centers EMEA UK Ltd.
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aut-num: AS29017
as-name: GYRON
remarks: +--------------------------+------------------------+---------------------------+
remarks: | NTT Global Data Centers | |
remarks: +--------------------------+------------------------+----------------=----------+
remarks: | |
remarks: | Gyron was founded in March 2000, and offers a full range of colo, and |
remarks: | connectivity services. Our hosting facilities are based at our five |
remarks: | datacentres in the South East of England. Email for details. |
remarks: | |
remarks: +-------------------------------------------------------------------------------+
remarks: | Gyron Internet Limited AS29017 operate a mostly open peering policy. |
remarks: +-------------------------------------------------------------------------------+
remarks: | |
remarks: | Peering requests: |
remarks: | Sales enquiries: |
remarks: | Abuse complaints: |
remarks: | |
remarks: +-------------------------------------------------------------------------------+
remarks: | |
remarks: | We are members of LINX - |
remarks: | We are members of LoNAP - |
remarks: | We are members of AMS-IX - |
remarks: | |
remarks: +-------------------------------------------------------------------------------+
remarks: | We accept private peers in the following locations |
remarks: | |
remarks: | NTT Hemel Hempstead 1 Data Center (HH1), Centro, Hemel Hempstead, UK |
remarks: | NTT Hemel Hempstead 2 Data Center (HH2), Maylands, Hemel Hempstead, UK |
remarks: | NTT Hemel Hempstead 3 Data Center (HH3), Campus, Hemel Hempstead, UK |
remarks: | NTT Hemel Hempstead 4 Data Center (HH4), Hemel Hempstead, UK |
remarks: | NTT Slough 2 Data Center (SL2), Ajax 1, Slough, UK |
remarks: | NTT Slough 3 Data Center (SL3), Ajax 2, Slough, UK |
remarks: | Telehouse North, London, UK TFM3, 2nd Floor [LINX PI Available] |
remarks: | DRT Sovereign House, London, UK 2nd Floor [LINX PI Available] |
remarks: | Equnix LD5, Slough, UK |
remarks: | |
remarks: +-------------------------------------------------------------------------------+
descr: ====
descr: NTT Global Data Centers UK
remarks: former Gyron Internet Ltd
remarks: ====
remarks: Transit:
remarks: ----
import: from AS2914 accept ANY
export: to AS2914 announce AS-GYRON
import: from AS3549 accept ANY
export: to AS3549 announce AS-GYRON
remarks: ====
remarks: Customers:
remarks: ----
descr: UKDedicated Ltd
import: from AS34282 accept AS34282
export: to AS34282 announce ANY
descr: Serverforce
import: from AS39332 accept AS39332
export: to AS39332 announce ANY
descr: Fluidata Ltd
import: from AS39545 accept AS-FLUIDATA
export: to AS39545 announce ANY
descr: Kualo Ltd
import: from AS204436 accept AS204436
export: to AS204436 announce ANY
descr: Salmon
import: from AS212419 accept AS212419
export: to AS212419 announce ANY
descr: Gyron
import: from AS47219 accept AS47219
export: to AS47219 announce ANY
descr: Chronos Internet Ltd
import: from AS59565 accept AS59565
export: to AS59565 announce ANY
descr: Shelfspace
import: from AS59876 accept AS-SHELFSPACE
export: to AS59876 announce ANY
descr: Grapeshot
import: from AS200981 accept AS200981
export: to AS200981 announce ANY
remarks: ====
remarks: Peering:
remarks: ----
import: from AS6777 accept ANY AND NOT {}
export: to AS6777 action community .= { 6777:6777 }; announce AS-GYRON
import: from AS-AMS-IX-PEERS accept ANY AND NOT {}
export: to AS-AMS-IX-PEERS announce AS-GYRON
import: from AS-LINX-CONNECTED accept ANY AND NOT {}
export: to AS-LINX-CONNECTED announce AS-GYRON
import: from AS-LONAP-CONNECTED accept ANY AND NOT {}
export: to AS-LONAP-CONNECTED announce AS-GYRON
remarks: ====
admin-c: GAT1-RIPE
tech-c: GAT1-RIPE
status: ASSIGNED
mnt-by: GYRON-MNT
created: 2003-05-12T09:25:43Z
last-modified: 2022-10-21T12:51:56Z
source: RIPE
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