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On this page, and the pages available via the tabs above, you can see details about the autonomous number 25074.
The data are updated regularly, the last update was on 17-02-2021.

AS name:
AS description:
AS number:
Operated by:
Originated prefixes:
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For further details about AS25074 please navigate through the tabs or check out a more extensive profile at Robtex.


Data downloaded from

aut-num: AS25074
as-name: INETBONE-AS
remarks: +---------------------------------------------------+
remarks: | customers |
remarks: +---------------------------------------------------+
import: from AS3213 action pref=100 accept AS-BOGONS
import: from AS5403 action pref=100 accept AS-APA-IT
import: from AS8245 action pref=100 accept AS-VB
import: from AS8805 action pref=100 accept AS-ISC
import: from AS8972 action pref=110 accept AS-PLUSSERVER
import: from AS9033 action pref=1000 accept AS9033
import: from AS9189 action pref=1000 accept AS-ACCOM
import: from AS9211 action pref=100 accept AS-WORK
import: from AS10753 action pref=100 accept NOT ANY
import: from AS12401 action pref=100 accept AS12401
import: from AS12577 action pref=100 accept AS-MMC-AT
import: from AS12732 action pref=1000 accept AS-UP
import: from AS12824 action pref=1000 accept AS-HOMEPL
import: from AS12971 action pref=100 accept AS-BIOSTOVIX
import: from AS15702 action pref=100 accept AS-ONSTAGE
import: from AS15968 action pref=1000 accept AS15968
import: from AS16218 action pref=1000 accept AS-IACD
import: from AS20694 action pref=1000 accept AS-NMMN
import: from AS20830 action pref=1000 accept AS20830
import: from AS24709 action pref=1000 accept AS-MNI
import: from AS28961 action pref=1000 accept AS28961
import: from AS34081 action pref=100 accept AS34081
import: from AS35548 action pref=100 accept AS-SMARTTERRA
import: from AS38948 action pref=1000 accept AS38949
import: from AS39227 action pref=100 accept AS-CORPEX
import: from AS39310 action pref=100 accept AS-NNET
import: from AS41079 action pref=100 accept AS41079
import: from AS41707 action pref=100 accept AS-HSDG-DE
import: from AS42184 action pref=1000 accept AS-DLRZ
import: from AS42221 action pref=1000 accept AS42221
import: from AS42390 action pref=1000 accept AS42390
import: from AS44946 action pref=1000 accept AS44946
import: from AS47223 action pref=100 accept AS-LUKMAN
import: from AS47717 action pref=1000 accept AS47717
import: from AS48173 action pref=1000 accept AS-UNBELIEVABLE
import: from AS48572 action pref=1000 accept AS48572
import: from AS50524 action pref=1000 accept AS50524
import: from AS51290 action pref=100 accept AS-HOSTEAM
import: from AS201785 action pref=1000 accept AS201785
export: to AS-INETBONE announce ANY
remarks: +---------------------------------------------------+
remarks: | upstreams |
remarks: +---------------------------------------------------+
import: from AS3356 action pref=100 accept ANY
import: from AS61157 action pref=100 accept ANY
export: to AS3356 announce AS-INETBONE
export: to AS61157 announce AS-INETBONE
member-of: AS3320:AS-AUTH-BLACKHOLE-FROM-AS61157
admin-c: PSD-RIPE
tech-c: PSD-RIPE
status: ASSIGNED
mnt-by: MNT-PlusServer
created: 2002-07-19T20:45:32Z
last-modified: 2020-09-02T13:05:58Z
source: RIPE
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