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Societe Francaise Du Radiotelephone - SFR SA
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Societe Francaise Du Radiotelephone - SFR SA
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For further details about AS15557, we recommend checking the more extensive profile at ASRank or looking it up at PeeringDB. We utilize both these sources and highly recommend them.

AS15557 Whois0

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aut-num: AS15557
as-name: LDCOMNET
remarks: ---------------------------------------------------
remarks: --- Transits ---
import: from AS174 action pref=500; accept ANY
import: from AS1273 action pref=500; accept ANY
import: from AS1299 action pref=500; accept ANY
import: from AS6762 action pref=500; accept ANY
export: to AS174 announce AS-LDCOMNET
export: to AS1273 announce AS-LDCOMNET
export: to AS1299 announce AS-LDCOMNET
export: to AS6762 announce AS-LDCOMNET
remarks: ---------------------------------------------------
remarks: --- Affiliate ---
import: from AS8228 action pref=8000; accept AS-CEGETEL
export: to AS8228 announce any
import: from AS12566 action pref=8000; accept AS-SFR-BUSINESS-TEAM
export: to AS12566 announce any
import: from AS12626 action pref=8000; accept AS-TEL
export: to AS12626 announce any
import: from AS12670 action pref=8000; accept AS-COMPLETEL
export: to AS12670 announce any
import: from AS21502 action pref=8000; accept AS-NUMERICABLE
export: to AS21502 announce any
import: from AS29372 action pref=8000; accept AS29372
export: to AS29372 announce any
import: from AS49902 action pref=8000; accept AS-SET-SRR
export: to AS49902 announce any
import: from AS57584 action pref=8000; accept AS57584
export: to AS57584 announce any
import: from AS20776 accept AS20776
export: to AS20776 announce any
import: from AS60032 accept AS-CoriolisCS
export: to AS60032 announce any
import: from AS207589 accept AS207589
export: to AS207589 announce any
remarks: ---------------------------------------------------
remarks: --- Peers ---
remarks: --- WIFIRST ---
import: from AS52075 action pref=4000; accept AS52075
export: to AS52075 announce AS-LDCOMNET
remarks: --- APPLE ---
import: from AS714 action pref=4000; accept AS714
export: to AS714 announce AS-LDCOMNET
remarks: --- NETFLIX ---
import: from AS2906 action pref=4000; accept AS2906
export: to AS2906 announce AS-LDCOMNET
remarks: --- ORANGE ---
import: from AS3215 action pref=4000; accept AS3215
export: to AS3215 announce AS-LDCOMNET
remarks: --- SWISSCOM ---
import: from AS3203 action pref=4000; accept AS3303
export: to AS3303 announce AS-LDCOMNET
remarks: --- LEVEL3/CTL ---
import: from AS3356 action pref=4000; accept AS3356
export: to AS3356 announce AS-LDCOMNET
remarks: --- BYTEL ---
import: from AS5410 action pref=4000; accept AS5410
export: to AS5410 announce AS-LDCOMNET
remarks: --- ABOVENET ---
import: from AS6461 action pref=4000; accept AS6461
export: to AS6461 announce AS-LDCOMNET
remarks: --- MONACO TELECOM ---
import: from AS6758 action pref=4000; accept AS6758
export: to AS6758 announce AS-LDCOMNET
remarks: --- LIBERTY ---
import: from AS6830 action pref=4000; accept AS6830
export: to AS6830 announce AS-LDCOMNET
remarks: --- MICROSOFT ---
import: from AS8075 action pref=4000; accept AS8075
export: to AS8075 announce AS-LDCOMNET
remarks: --- ZAYO ---
import: from AS8218 action pref=4000; accept AS8218
export: to AS8218 announce AS-LDCOMNET
remarks: --- RETN ---
import: from AS9002 action pref=4000; accept AS9002
export: to AS9002 announce AS-LDCOMNET
remarks: --- PROXAD ---
import: from AS12322 action pref=4000; accept AS12322
export: to AS12322 announce AS-LDCOMNET
remarks: --- ONLINE ---
import: from AS12876 action pref=4000; accept AS12876
export: to AS12876 announce AS-LDCOMNET
remarks: --- CLOUDFLARE ---
import: from AS13335 action pref=4000; accept AS13335
export: to AS13335 announce AS-LDCOMNET
remarks: --- EDGECAST ---
import: from AS15133 action pref=4000; accept AS15133
export: to AS15133 announce AS-LDCOMNET
remarks: --- GOOGLE ---
import: from AS15169 action pref=4000; accept AS15169
export: to AS15169 announce AS-LDCOMNET
remarks: --- OVH ---
import: from AS16276 action pref=4000; accept AS16276
export: to AS16276 announce AS-LDCOMNET
remarks: --- AMAZON ---
import: from AS16509 action pref=4000; accept AS16509
export: to AS16509 announce AS-LDCOMNET
remarks: --- AKAMAI ---
import: from AS20940 action pref=4000; accept AS20940
export: to AS20940 announce AS-LDCOMNET
remarks: --- CANALPLUS ---
import: from AS29264 action pref=4000; accept AS29264
export: to AS29264 announce AS-LDCOMNET
remarks: --- FACEBOOK ---
import: from AS32934 action pref=4000; accept AS32934
export: to AS32934 announce AS-LDCOMNET
remarks: --- SONY CGEI ---
import: from AS33353 action pref=4000; accept AS33353
export: to AS33353 announce AS-LDCOMNET
remarks: --- STACKPATH ---
import: from AS33438 action pref=4000; accept AS33438
export: to AS33438 announce AS-LDCOMNET
remarks: --- GMBH ---
import: from AS33891 action pref=4000; accept AS33891
export: to AS33891 announce AS-LDCOMNET
remarks: --- DAILYMOTION ---
import: from AS41690 action pref=4000; accept AS41690
export: to AS41690 announce AS-LDCOMNET
remarks: --- HOPUS ---
import: from AS44530 action pref=4000; accept AS44530
export: to AS44530 announce AS-LDCOMNET
remarks: --- TWITCH ---
import: from AS46489 action pref=4000; accept AS46489
export: to AS46489 announce AS-LDCOMNET
remarks: --- ETF1 ---
import: from AS49477 action pref=4000; accept AS49477
export: to AS49477 announce AS-LDCOMNET
remarks: --- WOLRDSTREAM ---
import: from AS49981 action pref=4000; accept AS49981
export: to AS49981 announce AS-LDCOMNET
remarks: --- CDN77 ---
import: from AS60068 action pref=4000; accept AS-CDN77
export: to AS60068 announce AS-LDCOMNET
remarks: --- DSTORAGE ---
import: from AS198792 action pref=4000; accept AS198792
export: to AS198792 announce AS-LDCOMNET
remarks: ---------------------------------------------------
remarks: --- DSP ---
import: from AS3305 action pref=8000; accept AS3305
export: to AS3305 announce any
import: from AS49449 action pref=8000; accept AS-ALLIANCE-CONNECTIC
export: to AS49449 announce any
import: from AS49540 action pref=8000; accept AS-CAPAIX-CONNECTIC
export: to AS49540 announce any
import: from AS58324 action pref=8000; accept AS-DEBITEX-TELECOM
export: to AS58324 announce any
import: from AS34383 action pref=8000; accept AS-TELOISE
export: to AS34383 announce any
import: from AS35238 action pref=8000; accept AS-CONNEXIA
export: to AS35238 announce any
import: from AS35632 action pref=8000; accept AS-IRIS64
export: to AS35632 announce any
import: from AS39005 action pref=8000; accept AS-MEDIALYS
export: to AS39005 announce any
import: from AS39847 action pref=8000; accept AS-CAP-CONNEXION
export: to AS39847 announce any
import: from AS41272 action pref=8000; accept AS-MOSELLE-TELECOM
export: to AS41272 announce any
import: from AS41334 action pref=8000; accept AS-MANCHE-TELECOM
export: to AS41334 announce any
import: from AS42117 action pref=8000; accept AS-INOLIA
export: to AS42117 announce any
import: from AS43698 action pref=8000; accept AS-ARIEGE-TELECOM
export: to AS43698 announce any
import: from AS43763 action pref=8000; accept AS-HAUT-RHIN-TELECOM
export: to AS43763 announce any
import: from AS42811 action pref=8000; accept AS-HERAULT-TELECOM
export: to AS42811 announce any
import: from AS48179 action pref=8000; accept AS-VOIRONNAIS-NETWORK
export: to AS48179 announce any
import: from AS49011 action pref=8000; accept AS-MACS-THD
export: to AS49011 announce any
import: from AS49083 action pref=8000; accept AS-MEMONET
export: to AS49083 announce any
import: from AS49112 action pref=8000; accept AS-ARMORCONNECTIC
export: to AS49112 announce any
import: from AS207806 action pref=8000; accept AS207806
export: to AS207806 announce any
import: from AS207807 action pref=8000; accept AS207807
export: to AS207807 announce any
import: from AS207808 action pref=8000; accept AS207808
export: to AS207808 announce any
import: from AS207857 action pref=8000; accept AS207857
export: to AS207857 announce any
import: from AS208157 action pref=8000; accept AS208157
export: to AS208157 announce any
import: from AS210675 action pref=8000; accept AS210675
export: to AS210675 announce any
import: from AS212775 action pref=8000; accept AS212775
export: to AS212775 announce any
remarks: ---------------------------------------------------
remarks: --- Customers ---
import: from AS3259 action pref=8000; accept AS3259
export: to AS3259 announce any
import: from AS3295 action pref=8000; accept AS3295
export: to AS3295 announce any
import: from AS3296 action pref=8000; accept AS3296
export: to AS3296 announce any
import: from AS3298 action pref=8000; accept AS3298
export: to AS3298 announce any
import: from AS3299 action pref=8000; accept AS3299
export: to AS3299 announce any
import: from AS12727 action pref=8000; accept AS12727
export: to AS12727 announce any
import: from AS12980 action pref=8000; accept AS12980
export: to AS12980 announce any
import: from AS13223 action pref=8000; accept AS13223
export: to AS13223 announce any
import: from AS29322 action pref=8000; accept AS29322
export: to AS29322 announce any
import: from AS29679 action pref=8000; accept AS29679
export: to AS29679 announce any
import: from AS34006 action pref=8000; accept AS34006
export: to AS34006 announce any
import: from AS34235 action pref=8000; accept AS34235
export: to AS34235 announce any
import: from AS34659 action pref=8000; accept AS-KEYYO
export: to AS34659 announce any
import: from AS34860 action pref=8000; accept AS34860
export: to AS34860 announce any
import: from AS34949 action pref=8000; accept AS34949
export: to AS34949 announce any
import: from AS35012 action pref=8000; accept AS35012
export: to AS35012 announce any
import: from AS35676 action pref=8000; accept AS35676
export: to AS35676 announce any
import: from AS38926 action pref=8000; accept AS38926
export: to AS38926 announce any
import: from AS39534 action pref=8000; accept AS39534
export: to AS39534 announce any
import: from AS39552 action pref=8000; accept AS39552
export: to AS39552 announce any
import: from AS41524 action pref=8000; accept AS41524
export: to AS41524 announce any
import: from AS41894 action pref=8000; accept AS41894
export: to AS41894 announce any
import: from AS42449 action pref=8000; accept AS42449
export: to AS42449 announce any
import: from AS42487 action pref=8000; accept AS42487
export: to AS42487 announce any
import: from AS42208 action pref=8000; accept AS42208
export: to AS42208 announce any
import: from AS44842 action pref=8000; accept AS44842
export: to AS44842 announce any
import: from AS45039 action pref=8000; accept AS45039
export: to AS45039 announce any
import: from AS47206 action pref=8000; accept AS47206
export: to AS47206 announce any
import: from AS47355 action pref=8000; accept AS47355
export: to AS47355 announce any
import: from AS47835 action pref=8000; accept AS47835
export: to AS47835 announce any
import: from AS48125 action pref=8000; accept AS48125
export: to AS48125 announce any
import: from AS48703 action pref=8000; accept AS48703
export: to AS48703 announce any
import: from AS49504 action pref=8000; accept AS49504
export: to AS49504 announce any
import: from AS49555 action pref=8000; accept AS49555
export: to AS49555 announce any
import: from AS49566 action pref=8000; accept AS49566
export: to AS49566 announce any
import: from AS49881 action pref=8000; accept AS-MIDI-LIBRE
export: to AS49881 announce any
import: from AS56774 action pref=8000; accept AS56774
export: to AS56774 announce any
import: from AS60174 action pref=8000; accept AS60174
export: to AS60174 announce any
import: from AS60697 action pref=8000; accept AS60697
export: to AS60697 announce any
import: from AS61394 action pref=8000; accept AS61394
export: to AS61394 announce any
import: from AS197369 action pref=8000; accept AS197369
export: to AS197369 announce any
import: from AS198575 action pref=8000; accept AS198575
export: to AS198575 announce any
import: from AS199074 action pref=8000; accept AS199074
export: to AS199074 announce any
import: from AS199117 action pref=8000; accept AS199117
export: to AS199117 announce any
import: from AS199233 action pref=8000; accept AS199233
export: to AS199233 announce any
import: from AS202215 action pref=8000; accept AS202215
export: to AS202215 announce any
import: from AS202898 action pref=8000; accept AS202898
export: to AS202898 announce any
import: from AS204426 action pref=8000; accept AS204426
export: to AS204426 announce any
import: from AS205319 action pref=8000; accept AS205319
export: to AS205319 announce any
import: from AS205461 action pref=8000; accept AS205461
export: to AS205461 announce any
import: from AS205746 action pref=8000; accept AS205746
export: to AS205746 announce any
import: from AS205939 action pref=8000; accept AS205939
export: to AS205939 announce any
import: from AS208719 action pref=8000; accept AS208719
export: to AS208719 announce any
import: from AS209027 action pref=8000; accept AS209027
export: to AS209027 announce any
import: from AS210156 action pref=8000; accept AS210156
export: to AS210156 announce any
import: from AS210255 action pref=8000; accept AS210255
export: to AS210255 announce any
remarks: ---------------------------------------------------
remarks: --- Other ---
export: to AS198949 announce AS-LDCOMNET
remarks: ---------------------------------------------------
remarks: --- Exchange points ---
remarks: For Peering request please send email to : peering at
remarks: You can find network informations on
remarks: Our public peering point of presence are :
remarks: SFINX - 20G - -
remarks: LYONIX - 100G - - 2001:07f8:0047:0047::d -
remarks: LINX - 20G - - 2001:7f8:4::3cc5:1/64 -
remarks: LINX - 10G - - 2001:7f8:4:1::3cc5:1/64 -
remarks: AMSIX - 20G - -
remarks: DE-CIX - 20G - -
remarks: DE-CIX - 10G - -
remarks: EQUINIX NY - 10G - - 2001:504:f::20/64 -
remarks: EQUINIX PARIS - 100G - - 2001:7f8:43::1:5557:1/64 -
remarks: FRANCEIX PARIS - 100G - - 2001:7f8:54::1:65/64 -
remarks: FRANCEIX MARSEILLE - 10G - - 2001:7f8:54:5::23/64 -
remarks: ------------------------------------------------------
remarks: Communities to be used by Customers
remarks: if x=9 DO NOT announce, x=1 Prepend Once, x=2 Prepend Twice
remarks: 15557:15x TUNE announce to upstream TELIA (AS1299)
remarks: 15557:16x TUNE announce to upstream TIS (AS6762)
remarks: 15557:18x TUNE announce to upstream COGENT (AS174)
remarks: 15557:55x TUNE announce to upstream VODAFONE (AS1273)
remarks: 15557:32x TUNE announce to SFINX exchange point peers
remarks: 15557:34x TUNE announce to LYONIX exchange point peers
remarks: 15557:35x TUNE announce to LINX exchange point peers
remarks: 15557:36x TUNE announce to AMSIX exchange point peers
remarks: 15557:38x TUNE announce to DECIX exchange point peers
remarks: 15557:43x TUNE announce to EQUINIX NY exchange point peers
remarks: 15557:44x TUNE announce to FRANCEIX exchange point peers
remarks: 15557:47x TUNE announce to EQUINIX PARIS exchange point peers
remarks: 15557:53x TUNE announce to HOPUS exchange point peers
remarks: 15557:19x TUNE announce to MONACO TELECOM (AS6758)
remarks: 15557:20x TUNE announce to CLOUDFLARE (AS13335)
remarks: 15557:21x TUNE announce to GMBH (AS33891)
remarks: 15557:22x TUNE announce to TWITCH (AS46489)
remarks: 15557:23x TUNE announce to CANALPLUS (AS29264)
remarks: 15557:31x TUNE announce to ORANGE (AS3215)
remarks: 15557:33x TUNE announce to MICROSOFT (AS8075)
remarks: 15557:37x TUNE announce to LAPOSTE (AS)
remarks: 15557:39x TUNE announce to DAILYMOTION (AS41690)
remarks: 15557:40x TUNE announce to COMPLETEL (AS12670)
remarks: 15557:41x TUNE announce to BYTEL (AS5410)
remarks: 15557:45x TUNE announce to FACEBOOK (AS32934)
remarks: 15557:46x TUNE announce to SFR CLOUD (AS12566)
remarks: 15557:48x TUNE announce to ONLINE (AS12876)
remarks: 15557:49x TUNE announce to NETFLIX (AS2906)
remarks: 15557:50x TUNE announce to SWISSCOM (AS3303)
remarks: 15557:51x TUNE announce to LIBERTY (AS6830)
remarks: 15557:52x TUNE announce to ABOVENET (AS6461)
remarks: 15557:56x TUNE announce to NUMERICABLE (AS21502)
remarks: 15557:57x TUNE announce to EDGECAST (AS15133)
remarks: 15557:59x TUNE announce to WIFIRST (AS52075)
remarks: 15557:62x TUNE announce to DSTORAGE (AS198792)
remarks: 15557:63x TUNE announce to PROXAD (AS12322)
remarks: 15557:64x TUNE announce to ZAYO (AS8218)
remarks: 15557:65x TUNE announce to OVH (AS16276)
remarks: 15557:66x TUNE announce to ATOS (AS8677)
remarks: 15557:67x TUNE announce to SONY (AS33353)
remarks: 15557:69x TUNE announce to GOOGLE (AS15169)
remarks: 15557:71x TUNE announce to AMAZON (AS16509)
remarks: 15557:73x TUNE announce to AKAMAI (AS20960)
remarks: 15557:74x TUNE announce to APPLE (AS714)
remarks: 15557:75x TUNE announce to CENTURYLINK (AS3356)
remarks: 15557:76x TUNE announce to HIGHWINDS (AS12989)
remarks: 15557:77x TUNE announce to ETF1 (AS49477)
remarks: 15557:78x TUNE announce to RETN (AS9002)
remarks: 15557:79x TUNE announce to WORLDSTREAM (AS49981)
remarks: ---------------------------------------------------------------
admin-c: LD699-RIPE
tech-c: LDC76-RIPE
status: ASSIGNED
mnt-by: SFR-MNT
created: 2002-09-19T07:03:27Z
last-modified: 2023-05-15T15:05:46Z
source: RIPE
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