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On this page, and the pages available via the tabs above, you can see details about the autonomous number 15440.
The data are updated regularly, the last update was on 04-03-2021.

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AS description:
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For further details about AS15440 please navigate through the tabs or check out a more extensive profile at Robtex.


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aut-num: AS15440
org: ORG-BA18-RIPE
as-name: Baltneta
descr: Customers AS
descr: Paneriu g.26, Vilnius
descr: Lithuania
remarks: ========================================
remarks: +--------------------------------------
remarks: | Upstream Providers |
remarks: +--------------------------------------
remarks: === TET LV =======================
import: from AS12578 action pref=100 accept ANY
export: to AS12578 announce AS-ML
remarks: === TEO LT ===========================
import: from AS8764 action pref=100 accept ANY
export: to AS8764 announce AS-ML
remarks: === COGENT ===========================
import: from AS174 action pref=100 accept ANY
export: to AS174 announce AS-ML
remarks: === HE ===========================
import: from AS6939 action pref=100 accept ANY
export: to AS6939 announce AS-ML
remarks: ========================================
remarks: +--------------------------------------
remarks: | Peers |
remarks: +--------------------------------------
remarks: === BALT-IX =========================
import: from AS8486 action pref=250 accept ANY
export: to AS8486 announce AS-ML
remarks: === DTEL-IX ==========================
import: from AS31210 action pref=100 accept AS-DTEL-IX
export: to AS31210 announce AS-ML
mp-import: afi ipv6.unicast from AS31210 accept AS-DTEL-IX-V6
mp-export: afi ipv6.unicast to AS31210 announce AS-ML
remarks: === TEO LT ===========================
import: from AS8764 action pref=250 accept AS-ANY
export: to AS8764 announce AS-ML
remarks: === INFOSTRUKTURA ====================
import: from AS6769 action pref=250 accept AS6769
export: to AS6769 announce AS-ML
remarks: === LITNET ===========================
import: from AS2847 action pref=250 accept AS-LITNET-PEER
export: to AS2847 announce AS-ML
remarks: === 5Ci ==============================
import: from AS12539 action pref=250 accept AS-5CI-MACRO
export: to AS12539 announce AS-ML
remarks: === BITE =============================
import: from AS13194 action pref=250 accept AS-BITE
export: to AS13194 announce AS-ML
remarks: === SKYNET ===========================
import: from AS21211 action pref=250 accept AS21211
export: to AS21211 announce AS-ML
remarks: === CGATES ===========================
import: from AS21412 action pref=250 accept AS21412
export: to AS21412 announce AS-ML
remarks: === INFORMACIJOS TILTAS ==============
import: from AS24645 action pref=250 accept AS24645
export: to AS24645 announce AS-ML
remarks: === LIETUVOS ENERGIJA ================
import: from AS24607 action pref=250 accept AS-LENET
export: to AS24607 announce AS-ML
remarks: === LRTC ==============================
import: from AS15419 action pref=250 accept AS15419
export: to AS15419 announce AS-ML
remarks: === MIKROVISATA ======================
import: from AS28679 action pref=250 accept AS-MIKROVISATA
export: to AS28679 announce AS-ML
remarks: === DOKEDA ============================
import: from AS39354 action pref=250 accept AS39354
export: to AS39354 announce AS-ML
remarks: === OMNITEL ==========================
import: from AS5522 action pref=250 accept AS-OMNITEL-PEER
export: to AS5522 announce AS-ML
remarks: === LATTELEKOM =======================
import: from AS6747 action pref=250 accept AS-LATTELEKOM
export: to AS6747 announce AS-ML
remarks: === LINXTELECOM ======================
import: from AS3327 action pref=250 accept AS-LINXTELECOM-LIPTAM
export: to AS3327 announce AS-ML
remarks: === REGISTRU CENTRAS =================
import: from AS44198 action pref=250 accept AS44198
export: to AS44198 announce AS-ML
remarks: === SATGATE ==========================
import: from AS30721 action pref=250 accept AS-SATGATE-LT
export: to AS30721 announce AS-ML
remarks: === CSC ==============================
import: from AS34326 action pref=250 accept AS34326
export: to AS34326 announce AS-ML
remarks: === HOSTEX ===========================
import: from AS47205 action pref=250 accept AS47205
export: to AS47205 announce AS-ML
remarks: ========================================
remarks: +--------------------------------------
remarks: | Customers |
remarks: +--------------------------------------
remarks: === BNK DC ===========================
import: from AS42549 action pref=400 accept AS-BNK-DC
export: to AS42549 announce ANY
remarks: === FIRST DATA =======================
import: from AS30775 action pref=400 accept AS30775
export: to AS30775 announce ANY
remarks: === SINTAGMA =========================
import: from AS42181 action pref=400 accept AS42181
export: to AS42181 announce ANY
remarks: === ERGO LIETUVA =====================
import: from AS42380 action pref=400 accept AS42380
export: to AS42380 announce ANY
remarks: === AFFECTO ==========================
import: from AS47247 action pref=350accept AS47247
export: to AS47247 announce ANY
remarks: === SMN ==============================
import: from AS35407 action pref=400 accept AS35407
export: to AS35407 announce ANY
remarks: === LNK ==============================
import: from AS50320 action pref=400 accept AS50320
export: to AS50320 announce ANY
remarks: === EPS ==============================
import: from AS51802 action pref=400 accept AS51802
export: to AS51802 announce ANY
remarks: === ADFORM ===========================
import: from AS198622 action pref=400 accept AS198622
export: to AS198622 announce ANY
remarks: === PROSERVIS ========================
import: from AS56413 action pref=400 accept AS56413
export: to AS56413 announce ANY
remarks: === ESNET ===========================
import: from AS61053 action pref=400 accept AS61053
export: to AS61053 announce ANY
remarks: === LBANK ============================
import: from AS35135 action pref=400 accept AS35135
export: to AS35135 announce ANY
remarks: === ETRONIKA =========================
import: from AS62203 action pref=400 accept AS62203
export: to AS62203 announce ANY
remarks: ========================================
default: to AS12578 action pref=100 networks ANY
admin-c: BNK1-RIPE
tech-c: BNK1-RIPE
status: ASSIGNED
mnt-by: BNK-LT-MNT
created: 2002-07-17T10:12:19Z
last-modified: 2020-11-05T12:09:46Z
source: RIPE
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