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On this page, and the pages available via the tabs above, you can see details about the autonomous number 12578.
The data are updated regularly, the last update was on 07-09-2022.

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aut-num: AS12578
org: ORG-LA16-RIPE
as-name: APOLLO-AS
descr: Latvia
remarks: ----- Uplinks -----
import: from AS3356 action pref=100 accept ANY
export: to AS3356 announce AS-LATTELEKOM
import: from AS1299 action pref=100 accept ANY
export: to AS1299 announce AS-LATTELEKOM
import: from AS174 action pref=100 accept ANY
export: to AS174 announce AS-LATTELEKOM
import: from AS3249 action pref=100 accept ANY
export: to AS3249 announce AS-LATTELEKOM
import: from AS3257 action pref=100 accept ANY
export: to AS3257 announce AS-LATTELEKOM
remarks: ----- Peers -----
remarks: ----- AMS-IX ------
import: from AS6777 action pref=80 accept ANY
export: to AS6777 action community .= { 6777:6777, 6777:29076, 6777:31500, 6777:8732, 6777:47764, 6777:8359, 6777:8641, 6777:8492, 6777:31133, 6777:44050, 6777:28870, 6777:42861, 6777:20764, 6777:12389, 6777:5568, 6777:49342, 6777:28917, 6777:47541,6777:20485, 6777:13238, 6777:8764, 0:57976 } announce AS-LATTELEKOM
descr: ----- SPB-IX -----
import: from AS43690 action pref=70 accept AS-SPBROUTESERVER
export: to AS43690 announce AS-LATTELEKOM
descr: ----- MSK-IX -----
import: from AS8631 action pref=70 accept AS-MSKROUTESERVER
export: to AS8631 announce AS-LATTELEKOM
remarks: ----- UA-IX -----
import: from AS15645 action pref=60 accept AS-UAIX
export: to AS15645 announce AS-LATTELEKOM
remarks: ----- DTEL-IX -----
import: from AS31210 action pref=60 accept NOT ANY
export: to AS31210 announce NOT ANY
remarks: ----- LIX -----
import: from AS42480 at action pref=40 accept AS-LIXLV
export: to AS42480 at announce AS-LATTELEKOM
import: from AS42480 at action pref=40 accept AS-LIXLV
export: to AS42480 at announce AS-LATTELEKOM
remarks: ----- Customers -----
import: from AS12526 action pref=10 accept AS12526
export: to AS12526 announce ANY
import: from AS13194 action pref=10 accept AS13194
export: to AS13194 announce AS-LIX
import: from AS13244 at action pref=10 accept AS13244
export: to AS13244 at announce AS-LATVIA
import: from AS13244 at action pref=10 accept AS13244
export: to AS13244 at announce AS-LATVIA
import: from AS16279 action pref=10 accept AS16279
export: to AS16279 announce ANY
import: from AS6697 action pref=10 accept AS-BELPAK
export: to AS6697 announce ANY
import: from AS25107 action pref=10 accept AS25107
export: to AS25107 announce ANY
import: from AS25444 action pref=10 accept AS25444
export: to AS25444 announce AS-LATVIA
import: from AS28843 action pref=10 accept AS28843
export: to AS28843 announce AS-LATVIA
import: from AS29569 action pref=10 accept AS29569
export: to AS29569 announce ANY
import: from AS33867 action pref=10 accept AS33867
export: to AS33867 announce ANY
import: from AS35108 action pref=10 accept AS35108
export: to AS35108 announce ANY
import: from AS35251 action pref=10 accept AS35351
export: to AS35351 announce ANY
import: from AS12847 action pref=10 accept AS12847 AS24921
export: to AS12847 announce ANY
import: from AS43482 action pref=10 accept AS43482
export: to AS43482 announce ANY
import: from AS58269 accept AS-CLOUDHOSTING
export: to AS58269 announce ANY
remarks: Lattelekom uses the following communities
remarks: 12578:1 Do not announce to any uplink
remarks: 12578:180 Do not announce to LEVEL3 AS3356
remarks: 12578:150 Do not announce to Cogent AS174
remarks: 12578:140 Do not announce to TATA AS6453
remarks: 12578:141 Prepend AS12578 once to TATA AS6453
remarks: 12578:142 Prepend AS12578 twice toTATA AS6453
remarks: 12578:143 Prepend AS12578 thrice to TATA AS6453
remarks: 12578:120 Do not announce to GTT AS3257
remarks: 12578:121 Prepend AS12578 once to GTT AS3257
remarks: 12578:122 Prepend AS12578 twice to GTT AS3257
remarks: 12578:123 Prepend AS12578 thrice to GTT AS3257
remarks: ----------
admin-c: LTC777-RIPE
tech-c: LTC777-RIPE
status: ASSIGNED
mnt-by: LTK
created: 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z
last-modified: 2021-10-04T14:57:30Z
source: RIPE # Filtered
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